Surviving my life hurdles in July 2017

Hi guys, I’m still here I’ve just had a bit of a tough time of it lately!  I’m so glad I’m now able to get back to my blog, I’ve missed it so much. Unfortunately, I recently had an awful spell where I could barely get out of bed along with some terrible brain fog that made life really difficult.  Sadly that’s the reality of MS but I really do appreciate every single moment of the better days I have.

july 2017 goals

This week my little boy has also been poorly, it’s turned out to be nothing serious but there was a moment when he was being taken to A&E in an ambulance which scared the hell out of me.  My son being sick really did help to put my own illness into perspective.  Dealing with my MS is a million times easier than seeing my son suffer.  Although  it’s times like those, when he needs me the most, that I really wish my MS would leave us alone so I can be there for him much as I want to be.

Did I achieve my June goals?

Surprisingly, despite me being so ill I’ve done quite well!  I met most of my goals for June although my blogging goals did have to take a bit of a back seat once I became too ill.  

My partner had some time off work this month so we also got to spend some great quality time together as a family.  I also managed to travel to see my bestie too so there have definitely been some fantastic moments this month, although being so busy has also meant it’s been harder to achieve my goals.

Learning to live a little

I have loved spending so much time with friends and family this month!  Although I don’t have lots of energy for going out and socialising, as long as I’m sensible about it, it’s well worth the effort.  You just have to look at the photographs I’ve included in this post to see some of the amazing memories we’ve created!  They really help to keep me going when I’m not feeling so great.

Since becoming ill I prioritise my wellbeing more than ever and it has really helped me a lot this month, as I can’t describe just how bad I’ve been with this cold more recently.  At times I was properly out of it cognitively which is really scary.  As hard as it is I just have to get on with it and take a time-out as life very much is just about survival and riding out the storm in these instances.

My main achievements

Visiting my friend in Tewkesbury | Tewkesbury Abbey

Travelling on a train to see my friend for the first time following my BIG MS relapse felt like a huge achievement and it wasn’t as hard as I feared.  I’m so glad I faced my fear.  Even the smallest things which most people never consider an issue can cause a person with a invisible, unpredictable and life altering illness to worry!

Health and wellbeing

Despite me being so ill towards the end of the month I still managed to commit to and build up an exercise regime that works for me.  

It’s nothing special, it’s just 10 minutes of basic yoga every evening but I’m really enjoying it so far.  It’s been especially good for when I was at my worst as going for a walk was just impossible,  It’s nice to know that there is always something I can do as building up a routine with MS is so difficult.

Creative and fun

Most of the time I definitely think I managed to have fun and enjoy myself without doing too much.  This can be especially difficult as what would be ok one day could be too much the next and I did well all things considered!

Looking at the photographs within this post or if you saw me out and about you could easily assume that I am living a normal life and can do the same amount of activities as everyone else but what you don’t see is how careful I have to be in my planning to make it work for me.  

For instance, when we took a trip to the beach I probably looked like I was sunbathing but what I was actually doing was taking the opportunity to have my daily afternoon rest to get me through the remainder of the day.  When I was pushing my son’s pram along the pier, it wasn’t just a leisurely stroll, I was using his pram as a necessary walking aid as I can’t walk far and my legs had already turned to jelly!

Most importantly though I made it work so I could still get the most out of life and that’s all that matters!

My July goals

I can’t tell you how much I’m hoping for an easier month in July!  The problem with being out of action feeling ill is that my to-do list and mountain of household chores are now massive and I can’t always manage them very well at the best of times!  So please wish me luck!

Health and wellbeing

  • Accept that there will be bad times due to relapsing or viruses etc. and accept that basic survival is all I can manage at these times.  Prepare for this in advance by batch cooking and freezing meals and anything else I can think of!

This is something I keep meaning to do and never seem to get around to so I’m making it my goal this month as spending time preparing healthy meals as when I’m at my worst just isn’t possible.  I know I will thank myself later for it!

I’m trying to eat a little bit healthier generally and eat foods which are anti-inflammatory.  I really don’t expect a change in my diet to ‘cure’ my MS but if I could help to ease some of the inflammation I experience then that would be great!  Ginger tea anyone?

Parenting and family

  • To plan our August holiday to ensure my son has a great time and so that I’m working with rather than against my illness.

We were so lucky with our holiday last year, my MS wasn’t awful and the weather was great.  However, we may not be as fortunate this time around so planning will definitely be key.  Planning around my potential MS issues and arranging suitable activities for a toddler, whatever the weather has in store for us!

Creative and fun

  • Try out a few different creative and fun crafts and ideas with my son.

I am so excited that my son is starting to get into drawing now!  As a crazy art-teacher-at-heart mummy I’m now preparing to go into crafting overdrive and have loads of different activities ready to roll out, in fact you will probably see some of them on my blog at some point!

I’ve mentioned my love of Pinterest before as it’s great for finding loads of imaginative and useful ideas.  Just look at all the amazing toddler arts, crafts and activities I’ve found there!  I still have to remember to take it slow and not to use up all my energy all at once when attempting them though.

Since I started blogging I’ve also discovered loads of brilliant parenting and craft blogs.  There are too many to mention them all but here but I wanted to share a few of my favourites!   

Crafts on Sea

Thimble and Twig

Whimsical Mumblings

These blogs are all very inspirational and they’re really entertaining reads too.  They’ve shared loads of fantastic craft tutorials that I can’t wait to try out with my son!


  • To make the most of being part of the blogging community by engaging with and learning more from others.

I’ve always been  shy and even though I now blog and put myself out there a lot in some ways I know there’s still plenty more I could be doing to engage with the blogging community in general.  I really shouldn’t be afraid open up a dialogue or share my thoughts with other bloggers as they have been nothing but really supportive and friendly since I started my blog so it’s time I got my act together and gave being more sociable a try!

So there are my July goals.  Let’s hope my MS plays nice this month so they are actually achievable!  

As ever, wishing you all the best with your goals too.


8 thoughts on “Surviving my life hurdles in July 2017”

  • Thank you so much for the mention – I’ve been going through the ‘not actually very good at crafts’ worry that happens every now and again so reading this has made a nice change for me 🙂 Hope your MS gets under control a bit more, I’m thinking of buying a tuff spot for my 3yo and chucking a load of sensory play stuff in there for her, I normally find that’s quite good for keeping her busy if I need a rest (and I’m hoping the tuff spot will help the mess going everywhere? Might be wishful thinking though!) x

    • My pleasure Kate, your crafts are amazing and so inspirational, I’m totally in awe of you too so please don’t doubt yourself! That sounds like a great idea for your daughter I’m sure she will love it. I don’t think my son has the attention span to play in one yet but he’s at least starting to take a bit more interest in art and sensory play so who knows! x

  • Oh my goodness, it sounds like you’ve had such a tough month. Well done for getting through it and coming out the other side. You have to remember how strong you are to do that. I’m so sorry you had a scare like that with your son. It must of given you a real fright. I’m so glad to hear he’s ok. Sorry you’ve felt so unwell too. I really hope July is a much better month for you. Sounds like you have some great goals and so positive as always .

    • Thanks Emma. Yes, definitely not the best experience of my life but it’s good to keep moving forward and focus on the positives! x

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your son, I can’t imagine how scary that A&E trip must have been. I do hope things are all okay… He’s lucky to have such a loving mum. Here’s to a positive and as healthy as possible July!
    PS. I’ve never tried ginger tea, can’t say I find the thought too appealing but who knows, may be delicious!
    Caz xx

    • Thanks Caz, he’s much better now but he’s not allowed to get ill ever again! I had similar thoughts but ginger tea is surprisingly nice! x

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