Surviving Life’s Hurdles has been created to provide some much-needed support to anyone struggling with their own personal life hurdles.  I’ve experienced so many of my own hurdles recently that I know just how hard it can be and sometimes how very isolating too.  I really hope I can help you to make a positive difference to your life just by sharing some of my own ideas and experiences.

Most importantly, Surviving Life’s Hurdles will offer support with no judgement or assumptions, instead I aspire to provide understanding, thoughtful and sympathetic posts which are genuinely useful and inspiring when you need them the most.


More about me

I’m Natalie, I’m 32 and I live with my partner and lovely 3 year old son who both help to keep me going whenever times get tough!

Since being diagnosed with MS 2 years ago my life has changed completely and many of the plans I had for my future are no longer possible.  Life has suddenly become a lot harder and I have many more problems to deal with every single day.  I am, however, determined to survive all of my life hurdles by accepting and adapting to my current situation and by taking positive action whenever possible.

With this in mind, I will set myself small goals each month and will share my progress with you so you can see how I’m doing.  Feel free to join me in some goal-setting too as the more we can motivate each other the better!

Snapshots of my life April 2017

Keeping in touch

I’d love to hear from you so please do feel free to contact me!  You can easily comment on my posts or just drop me an email if you would like to get in touch;


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I’m not a medical professional and I’m not offering medical advice, I’m just an MS sufferer sharing my thoughts based on my own personal experiences. Any information or opinions featured on this site should never substitute seeking professional advice and I will not be liable for any errors in information, nor any losses or damages arising from the content of this site.

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