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Hello beautiful survivor

welcome to surviving life's hurdles

I’m going to inspire you and give you the tools to live your life well!

Surviving Life’s Hurdles is about acceptance and making the best of your situation.   

It’s about finding ways to thrive in the face of your problems, whatever they may be.  

This is why I share my creative passions, crafts and family life ideas alongside articles on health and wellbeing.

Everyone has hurdles in their lives they are fighting to survive, no matter how big or small.  I’ve certainly been fighting to survive quite a few recently and if by sharing my experiences I can help you to survive your own personal hurdles then how fantastic is that?!  

I really hope that you take as much away from Surviving Life’s Hurdles as possible, including loads of practical, emotional and motivational ideas.

I’m sharing my most popular articles with you to help you make the best start possible!

What I know about surviving life’s hurdles

My biggest life hurdles happened back in September 2015 and altered the course of my life dramatically.

I discovered I had Multiple Sclerosis with the onset of some rapidly worsening symptoms which significantly impacted on every aspect of my life, including my health, wellbeing, family and relationships,  

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about the path I’m on and how I make life with a chronic illness work for me, take a look at my About page.

Where to go from here

When you’re struggling the most

I know how difficult it can be to know where to start, especially when you feel like the odds are stacked against you so I’ve compiled a couple of my best articles to quickly make a difference and help make life a little easier;

first steps to surviving life's hurdles how to successfully carve out a new path in life

Popular posts

I’ve also organised my posts into categories so you can easily find inspirational ideas and help relating to a broad range of topics.  Here are a couple of my most popular articles from each;

Health and wellbeing  how to survive being diagnosed with a life-changing illness  how to live well with a chronic illness

Parenting and family

Creativity and crafts

easy diy craft, decorative paper butterflies
wacky and wonderful weaving

Multiple Sclerosis

my ms hurdles, surviving diagnosis

brain fog and fatigue


Goal setting

To provide you with even more support, I’m documenting my own progress in surviving my life hurdles and my aim is to inspire you to set your own manageable goals too!

You can find out what my latest goals are here:




Multiple Sclerosis Facebook group

Chat MS facebook group

I’ve also help to run a really supportive Facebook group Chat MS- Newly diagnosed/young people along with fellow blogger and MSer Hannah from Hannah Eliza Site.  It’s a lovely little community so far and if you’re interested in joining then please do!  

Here is Hannah’s YouTube video where she explains a bit more about our ideas behind the group and what we hope to achieve.


I really hope that my blog helps you and I wholeheartedly wish you all the best in surviving your own life hurdles, whatever form they may take.

Remember; even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, you have the power and the strength to survive what life is throwing your way!

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